Snappy PDF for Autodesk® Inventor®

Snappy PDF for Autodesk® Inventor®

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Snappy PDF is a very nifty application for Autodesk® Inventor® users who are spending quite some time on creating single PDF files of drawing sheets. Snappy PDF can cut the time spent on creating PDF files by at least 90%. If you are printing PDF files sheet by sheet, you should REALLY be considering trying Snappy PDF today; it is seriously a huge time saver.


Snappy PDF works with all Autodesk Inventor versions from 2013 and above and can print single PDF files of all selected sheets or print a single PDF file of all selected drawings sheets.


The way Snappy PDF works:
1. You open a drawing file
2. You select the drawing sheets you want the PDF file of or all sheets with 1 click
3. Choose whether you want a single PDF file or separated PDF files of the selected sheets
4. Select or create a folder where the PDF files will be saved to
5. Generate the PDF files
6. Done!

This application comes with a fully featured 30 days trial.

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