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Flatter Files provides a central hub for your drawings and documents that is accessible via a web application. All of your data on Flatter Files is entirely searchable such that you no longer need to memorize part numbers or spend time searching file folders on your computer for the appropriate drawing.


Using the Flatter Files Uploader all of your content is automatically uploaded and kept up to date and includes a simple review based control system. Your drawings and documents can be grouped into assemblies such that you no longer have to search for all of the drawings contained within a bill of materials.


Flatter Files also provides a simple and secure link based external sharing. The shared link to your content is password protected and always stays up to date even if the drawing or document is revised. Flatter Files requires an account to use. To sign up for an account please visit: http://www.flatterfiles.com/#signup

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Version 1.1, 5/25/2016
Update to work with the latest releases of Inventor and added links for the Flatter Files web site, blog, and web application.

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  • Great APP
    Daryl Musich | February 23, 2016 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This app gives great access to all your drawings across all devices. I can approve drawings from my phone on the beach! Very pleased with its functionality and the support is awsome.

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