Doing modifications in large assemblies can end up in extensive search actions if you like to change a specific overridden value in a Positional Representation.


"PositionBrowser" helps to avoid wasting time with searching!


It provides you the full overview - which properties are overridden and what are their values:


After its launch, the extension lists in a dropdown-menu all Positional Representations, contained in the assembly. Choosing a representation starts the search and you will see all overrides clearly represented. A double-click on an entry jumps into the browser-tree and marks it. More useful functions are available in the context menu. Additionally, you can reset all the overrides of a Positional Representation by clicking the button labeled with "Reset".


For optimal integration in your workflow, the start button of PositionBrowser is placed in the "Assemble"-menu.


Please note: 

Overrides in pattern are not considered. Searching/marking may not work if parts are grouped in folders. 

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About This Version

Version 1.2, 4/12/2016

- Autodesk® Inventor® 2016 support added

- price changed to "Free"

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