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iChords - Profiles Extractor

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iChords - Profiles Extractor can extract all plate profiles from an assembly, and automatically create views for flat pattern and/or folded pattern. Material, thickness, quantity, overall size dimensions, bend notes, bend line locating dimensions and tapped hole notes will be created or noted. The profiles will be categorized by material and thickness. Checking tools will mark up invalid, redundant profiles/views and notify missing profiles/views. Once the collection of all profiles is checked and approved they can be exported in DXF format for CNC cutting. A BOM of all profiles can be created.



  • extract plate profiles and save all of them in a single drawing in different sheets based on material and thickness, create notes of material, thickness, quantity and necessary dimensions
  • single click to open all plates or non-plates to check and make sure all plates are collected
  • single click to open all unformatted plates so that all plates are formatted and minimize the work on profiles views 
  • validate and mark up profile views and  report missing profiles/views 
  • rearrange categorized profile views with a given scale
  • check and report the views of a plate across sheets
  • update the material of all the plates in one sheet
  • group plate profiles in plain plates bent plates and rolled plates
  • export profiles views as DXF/SAT/STP
  • create a BOM of all profiles

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Version 1.0.1, 1/6/2023
False information of incompatibility corrected.

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