Drawing Central for Autodesk® Inventor®

Drawing Central for Autodesk® Inventor®



Drawing Central’s main purpose is to save Drafters (and Engineers) time and effort. One way to assist this noble cause, is to reduce confusion. Questions like “How many electrical drawings are ready for issue?” and “You want me to rev-up 50 drawings before lunch!” can easily be answered by creating your own drawing registration system. But “where is the register?”. More confusion. I think you get the point.


This is where Drawing Central comes in. By managing a project-based configuration system to reduce confusion. It also has an extremely easy to use interface. Once your drawing has been configured it knows exactly where to find the project file and therefore the correct drawing register. This allows for the other part of the equation. Automation. Now you have this “link”, you can automatically update (or sync) your drawings with the latest project data. No more confusion.


Question: Do you know how good it feels to just sit back and watch 100 title block items change before your eyes? No? Well now you know how to find out.

Trial Description

To help get you started, you will receive FREE working examples of an enhanced drawing register and title block. But you need to “GO Register” to get the 30 day FREE trial period and full functionality. After that, the cost for registration is $4.75 per 30 days or $57.79 per full year (AUD plus tax and charges).

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Version 2020.1.0, 9/13/2021
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