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Why AutoSteps?

AutoSteps provides you with a simple way to automate Inventor. AutoSteps' visual drag-and-drop interface allows Inventor users and CAD administrators with no programming skills to automate certain tasks in Inventor. For example, you can even automate company-specific tasks which cannot be completed with standard tools. An example of this would be an automatic data export in 3D PDF and STEP while simultaneously updating certain iProperties as soon as a component is closed. Automating routine tasks leaves you more valuable time for your design work.


Your Advantages at a Glance

Simple workflow "programming" by stringing activities (commands) together with drag-and-drop

Automate time-consuming tasks that cannot be completed with standard tools

Use workflows along with your colleagues (external workflows)

Create more complex workflows with expressions and variables (similar to Excel formulas)

More than 75 activities and 20 functions available

  • If you have ideas for new activities or are interested in licensing, please send an email to
  • This is a 15-day trial version with full functionality.


If any problems appear during the download or installation, please use this direct link:

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Version 2.0.0, 2/20/2018
Support for Autodesk® Inventor® 2018

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  • Einfach genial!
    Stefan Verbeek | December 30, 2016

    Für wiederkehrende Aufgaben können super schnell und einfach eigene Funktion erstellt werden. Die Möglichkeiten sind gigantisch und wachsen ständig. Extrem kurze Einarbeitung und keine Programmierkenntnisse erforderlich.

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