MyTools - Minimum Wall Thickness Check (MWT Check)

MyTools - Minimum Wall Thickness Check (MWT Check)




"Minimum Wall Thickness check" (MWT Check) is a command that allows you to easily select one or more features belonging to a component and then check if there are thicknesses thinner than a value of your choice.

A simple table will show all the existing problems. With a simple click on a row in the table you can see, in the graphics area of Inventor, the surfaces, pair by pair, who have created the problem with not guaranteed minimum wall thickness .

This is  a trail version. You can use it for 30 days without limitations. At the end of the trial period you will decide if to buy this application or if to uninstall it.

Please refer the video:  MyTools - Minimum Wall Thickness Check (MWT Check)

 NOTE: After installing "MWT Check" run Inventor "As Administrator" for the First Time for trail license to be activated.

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