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FX64 Plot 2024 is a program that will significantly reduce the time you spend on printing and format conversion of your drawings. FX64 Plot 2024 is certified for Autodesk® Inventor® 2024, under the Autodesk Certified Apps Program.


Setting up the formats and file locations for every single drawing can be pretty annoying, especially when you have to plot the documentation for an entire design project. FX64 Plot automates almost all of this work to a point where you literally convert with a single click and start the plot job for a whole project in the time it would normally take to define printer settings for a single drawing.


File Selection

To get the program running, you basically just select a design project and assembly file. The program automatically searches all associated drawing files of the assembly and its components and you can then comfortably select the drawings you want to process. The program also supports files stored in Autodesk® Vault® and it contains file system based search functionality in case you want to print all the files in a specific directory. You can also import and process file lists from third-party document management systems.



Printing the drawings requires a one-time setup of the printer configuration. You define a target device for each drawing format and/or a blanket setting that handles all formats. The program uses this configuration at runtime to automatically pick the proper device and paper format for each of the selected drawing sheets.


File Conversion

The converter functions require no setup. After selecting the drawing files, you just add/remove the required file formats from a menu and start the job. FX64 Plot provides converter functions for PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DXF, DWG, DWF and various neutral CAD formats (STEP, IGES, SAT, STL, etc.). There is no limitation on the number of selected formats - you can print and convert the selected files to all of the formats in one go. The program can copy the resulting files to a predefined target location, save each of the converted files in a separate target folder, move each of the files to the file system location of the corresponding drawing or -in the case of Vault based drawings - upload and check in the converted formats into Vault.


Other Features

The Program contains many other functions and minor features that may be useful. Most of the utility functions were implemented based on user feedback and feature requests. This includes functionality such as timestamps and watermarks on printed or converted sheets, options to define the filenames for the converted files based on iProperty values (supports both model and drawing values) and/or timestamps, quick search options that can reduce the search time by orders of magnitude, options for automatic print/conversion when a drawing is saved, one-click conversion functions on a ribbon in the Inventor UI, the ability to install the program on different machines and use one of the installations as a dedicated print/conversion server (this requires multiple licenses - one for each machine) and many other little features.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

Trial Description

The trial version of the tool has no time limitation. Instead, the trial comes with functional limitations:

- the program will add an "FX64 Plot 2024 Trial" watermark on converted/printed drawings (you can turn this off or use a custom watermark in the full version).

- process up to 10 drawings per job (no limit in the full version).

You can buy a serial key and unlock your installed trial version to full version any time (without installing a different setup).

About This Version

Version 21.0, 12/12/2023
- Inventor 2024 compatibilty - files of the program are now digitally signed

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