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AutoDXF v5 is an add-in for Autodesk® Inventor® 2022 that simplifies the workflow with assemblies that contain sheet metal parts. It allows you to easily collect all sheet metal components, automatically create and preview flat patterns, export the list of sheet metal parts to Word, identify any issues with flat patterns and batch export them to highly customizable DXF or DWG files.

Please use AutoDXF v4 for older Inventor releases.


AutoDXF v5 features:

  • Automatically finds sheet metal parts from the assembly
  • Allows you to quickly locate and open specific sheet metal component
  • Enables easy recognition flat pattern status of sheet metal parts
  • Automatic creation of flat patterns
  • Thumbnail previews of bent parts and flat patterns
  • Direct rotation of flat patterns in 90° increments
  • Automatic flipping of flat patterns so most of the bends are in up direction
  • Rotation along the longest edge and rotation along the longest bend
  • Automatic detection of tapped holes on flat patterns. These can optionally be placed on a separate layer when exporting to DXF format
  • Automatic placement of points in the centers of threaded holes (when exporting to DXF)
  • Automatic detection of small holes. Those can be optionally placed on a separate layer when exporting to the DXF format
  • Writing of bending angles and directions on bending lines in DXF files
  • Creation of bend marks at the starts and the ends of the bend lines
  • Batch export of flat patterns to DXF or DWG files
  • Add configurable text descriptions to DXF files
  • Flexible naming of DXF and DWG files
  • Setup of layer names, colors, line weights, and line widths
  • Export a list of sheet metal parts, including thumbnails of bent parts and flat patterns, to Microsoft Word


See web documentation for AutoDXF 5.0 to overview the full functionality of the program.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Trial Description

Trial version limitations:

  • Finds a maximum of 4 sheet metal parts and creates 4 DXF or DWG files
  • 'Demo version' text is added to DXF texts
  • Only up to 4 small holes are detected
  • Only up to 4 angles and directions are written on bend lines in exported DXF files

About This Version

Version 5.1.0, 11/10/2021
AutoDXF v5 has been updated to fully support the major changes introduced in Inventor 2022. AutoDXF v5 allows you to work with assemblies with multiple model states and can process sheet metal components with defined model states. AutoDXF v5 works with Autodesk Inventor 2022, while AutoDXF v4 remains available for older Inventor versions. 5.1.0. 2021-10-21 ------------------ - watch What's new in v5.1 video: - new feature: automatic creation of bend marks - new feature: automatic flipping of flat patterns so the majority of the bends are in up direction - new feature: added button to select/deselect library sheet metal parts - new feature: all layer settings consolidated in one location (tab Layers) - new feature: LTscale setting added to the user interface (tab Layers) - new feature: added option to trim centerlines at inner contours - fixed issue with message about library sheet metal parts not appearing if only one library part was found 5.0.2. 2021-09-03 ------------------ - fixed an issue with line types defaulting to Continuous for Bend up and Bend down layer if angle info texts are enabled - fixed an issue with wrong mass values if system decimal separator is dot (.) - added experimental option to set LTscale for processed DXF files. Option is available in basic.autodxf.settings.xml settings file 5.0.1. 2021-06-11 ------------------ - Changed format of flat pattern preview thumbnails. Now it works in the same way as model preview thumbs: it’s always square regardless of flat pattern shape. - Added new option to control the model and flat pattern thumbnail size when exporting data to Word New features in AutoDXF 5.0: ------------------ - Support for Inventor 2022 and new functionality for Inventor model states - Export of bend angles, radii and directions as texts attached to bend lines in DXF files - Detection of small holes (size defined as a fraction of sheet metal thickness) and their placement on a separate layer - Improved user interface with separate tabs for general settings and DXF/DWG file setup - New enlarged preview of the flat pattern when clicking the preview thumbnail - Added settings for text and angle heights in the user interface - Added setting for number of decimal places for length units - Added setting to remove trailing zeros for decimal places - Two options for searching sheet metal parts are available: Parts Only or Structured Bill of material - Support for high DPI displays - Automatic thumbnail creation when creating flat patterns - Help/documentation now available on the web - Warning if merged parts are found in the BOM - Warning when library sheet metal parts are found - Added option to check for program updates

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