Simple Sheet Settings

Simple Sheet Settings

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Simple Sheet Settings combines the existing Sheet Settings with some new tools, such as changing the Title Block and also the ability to make changes to all sheets in a document at once. 


Instead of first deleting the existing title block from a sheet, expanding the title block folder and inserting the desired title block, then opening another window to change the sheet size and orientation, just click the "Settings" button located on the Sheets Panel in the Placed Views Tab, right next to "New Sheet", and have access to all those options in one location.


When the Simple Sheet Settings window is loaded it gathers all of the existing title block names and puts them into one drop down menu.  To change the title block on the current sheet, simply select the desired title block from the drop down menu and click ok.  There is also the ability to change the Title Block, Sheet Size, and Sheet Orientation to all sheets at one time.

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Version 1.4.0, 3/31/2017

Release for Autodesk Inventor 2018

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