The BIM methodology is increasingly present in the world of Engineering, be it for small or large clients! Caring for, managing or simply viewing is a task for each and every customer with your product. With that in mind, r-CAD Tecnologia has developed an IFC exporter for Autodesk® Inventor® that provides the user with unparalleled agility in the job market for creating their IFC models. Exportar IFC by r-CAD Tecnologia offers the following advantages:

  • Definition of spaces with customized nomenclature for project identification;
  • Directory definition for converting IFC models;
  • Extraction of standard Inventor properties, being able to customize according to the need;
  • Extraction of Custom properties as needed;
  • Custom naming of each instance of the assembly;
  • Conversion tolerances, which reduce file sizes;
  • Correction of the Zero point of the assembly (Translation and rotation).


In this evaluation version, the user will have 15 days of experience with the complete functionalities of the application and with no conversion limit!

Trial Description

You will be able to use the application with all the features for 15 days.

After that, a license must be purchased directly from the supplier by email: rcadtecnologia@gmail.com or through the website: rcadtecnologia.com

About This Version

Version 1.1.0, 2/12/2024
Added new features: -Open model after creating the IFC; -Reuse IFC file; -Define the origin point of the IFC model using points, circular geometry or UCS; -Export reference components; -Export Phantom components. -Export Invible components.

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Customer Reviews

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  • Excellent App
    Luis Angel Gonzalez Bueno | April 03, 2024 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Es una muy buena aplicacion que ayuda con la conversion de los de ensambles a IFC4, y te permite seleccionar y mapear los parametros que se requieran lleva junto con la exportacion, esto incluye parametros personalizados, la recomiendo sobre todo por que el IFC conserva el arbol similar a como se maneja en ensamble y subensables. 

  • Great app
    Andrii Humeniuk | March 31, 2024 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This application is very convenient and intuitive. It has very necessary and useful functions.

    But there is something that is not clear and is missing:

    • When you export custom properties of the Number type and choose the Length property type for export to IFC, the values are multiplied by 10. This is very inconvenient.
    • Also, the application does not have the option of selecting the IFC version (IFC2X3, IFC4, IFC4x3) and does not indicate which version the export is to.

    I am using Export IFC 1.1.0 I hope future versions will fix these issues because this app is very useful.

  • Performance and quality
    Vanessa Glienke | June 15, 2023 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Best performance among ifc apps!

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