Appearance Manager

Appearance Manager



The application works in the following documents:


  • Changes the color of the selected surface and all surfaces with this color in the active model;
  • Removes unused Assets in detail/details of the active model;
  • Calculates the area of the surface selected color of the part.



  • Calculates the areas of all colors in the model and writes them in the user parameters in the drawing document.



The application does not work correctly if you use associativity for your parts in an assembly. You may also have problems if your parts have multiple model states with different textures on the same faces.

Changing the color and calculating the area is not performed with parts that are in the Content Center.

About This Version

Version 2.0.0, 2/8/2024
1.3.1 - Release for Inventor 2024. 1.6.1 - Increased stability of the application when calculating the area of ​​colors, added the ability to copy another color, added the ability to select units of measurement, improved texture list search. 1.7.1 - The "X" button restores face damage by default, improved search in the list. 1.9.1 - Added ability to copy/modify custom apparence assets. Such assets are marked with "*" in the list. 2.0.0 - Despite the fact that the application works only with the appearance of the face, a check was added to the functionality to see if the selected face contains finish. If you use AppearanceFinish or PrintFinish you will be able to define the area of similar finishes.

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  • Greate Tool
    Nam Nguyen Duc | February 13, 2024

    Great Tool!

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