Batch Pack and Go Tool

Batch Pack and Go Tool

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By using the Standard Pack and Go functionalities, this app allows you to create multiple Pack and Go files at once by reading in *.xlsx files containing part and project file locations.

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Verzió 1.1.1, 2019. 03. 12.
Now Inventor doesn’t need to be running in the background anymore.

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  • Nice tool, very handy when cleaning up old archives.
    Maarten Weers | február 19, 2019

    It is fast and easy to use. A very handy tool for everyone who needs to clean up old CAD archives with 1000s of parts spread all over the network.

    Scan your network for project files and their top assemblies, place them in an excel list and take a cup of coffee while this tool does the job. :) 

    One draw back, it is not signed as a trusted app at the moment which can lead to trouble with the anti virus routines.

    Tobias Orlow (Közzétevő) | február 28, 2019

    Hi Mr. Weers, I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad the app helps you save time! Also, it was updated and now has a digital signature so it should not cause any issues with your antivirus anymore. Kind regards, Tobias Orlow

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