Project Holes


As shown in the App icon and pictures and videos below, in an assembly, this App is used to pick edge(s) of various holes or cuts with  closed-loop edges from the front part (part A, in yellow color), then project (create) sizable holes or exact profile cuts into the back part (part B, in copper color). The resulting holes or cuts are through-all features residing in the back part (part B).


Three types of cut feature can be created by the program, based on the choise you make as in input dialog:

1. Sizable hole at the center of reference close loop profile;

2. Sizable hole at the center of reference circular arc;

3. Exact cut with same profile as reference close loop.


The application scenarios can be between any two parts in an assembly with attaching or offset position, such as creating mounting holes to other parts from elongated hole profile of a bracket, or from a Din rail part to projecting mounting holes to a back panel in an electrical panel assembly , or for a stack of bus bars projecting holes from bus bar A to bus bar B and C and so on, as shown in pictures and videos below.


Verzió 2.0.0, 2022. 07. 18.
Version 2.0 : More functionalities added; Support for Autodesk® Inventor® 2023.

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