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MuM Multitool

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MuM Multitool for Autodesk® Inventor® supports you in the time-consuming activities in your every day. With features like printing all IDW files from an assembly (IAM) with predefined printer templates, consolidating and displaying technical iProperties, or collecting surface tag data, you increase your efficiency in your day-to-day work and save time for the important things. MuM Multitool is a plug-in for Inventor and is thus readily compatible with other add-on applications. You can easily access the extended functions via the MuM toolbar.


Predefined printer templates

Predefined printer settings save time on every printout. For example, sheet size, color, scale, format, plot date, watermark, etc. can be predefined and recalled at any time.


Printing all IDW drawings from an assembly (IAM)

Print all the drawings belonging to an assembly (IAM) without having to open each file individually. You can easily choose which files you want to print like and, thanks to predefined print templates, these are output in the correct format as desired.


Consolidate and display technical iProperties

A quick overview gives you an overview of the most important technical and physical properties of iProperties. For example, material, weight, volume, total length, parameters set to export or detailed sheet metal parts are displayed.


Dimension favorites

Recurring dimension specifications such as tolerances, fits, dimensions, diameters or special characters are configured once and can then be retrieved again and again and easily managed. In the inking mode, text can be highlighted in color; e.g. as a special note for the production.


Collective data for surface characters

Collective specifications for surface details are automatically compiled and updated at the click of a button thanks to MuM Multitool for Inventor.


fits list

MuM Multitools for Inventor creates tolerance tables on Inventor drawings and automatically fills them with the corresponding fits. Updates are automatically applied in the fit list.

And much more.

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Verzió 2020, 2019. 08. 01.
* Multitool settings can be stored in the network during installation * German / English language pack incl. Help file * Automatic printer mapping (different sheet sizes on different Windows printers in the network) * Project search for documents; Abort with ESC * Subassembly / Neutral documents Export functions revised * Drawing printing; Selection of documents with Windows selection function CTRL / SHIFT * Selected output of STEP data with Windows selection function * Hole feature favorites extensions with tolerances * Hole feature color mapping; Differentiated color assignment Hole type and its dimensions * Model can be saved in color (Hole feature) * Edit Coordinates dimensioning with dimensioning favorites * Window size customizable * Customizable path for drawing template when cleaning and transfer properties * Direct 3D PDF export * Export BOMs from Inventor to corresponding Excel templates * Surface font favorites * Replace the font head and drawing frame * Screenshot; direct creation of image files from the active Inventor document. * Rename the display name in Inventor Browser according to the rules * Copy Format Copy Layer Properties Transfer / Clipboard * Inspection dimension table * Rental license option And much more.

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    Jan Stäger | június 12, 2020

    Viele Verschiendene Tools, die das Arbeiten vereinfachen.


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