C3DT Numbering

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With the C3DT Numbering App, you can change a lot of properties and number parts and assemblies in different ways. 


The app has 3 main windows:


1)      The Property Renaming

2)      The Part Numbering

3)     Numbering Table


1)      The Property renaming section has the following features:


a.       Quantity Property

                                                              i.      Update / Add Custom Qty iProp

b.      Material

                                                              i.      Change the Material of each Part 

c.       Other Options

                                                              i.      Copy Filename to Description

                                                            ii.      Copy Filename to Part Number

                                                          iii.      Rename Browser Nodes

1.       New name: Filename

2.       New name: Part Number

                                                           iv.      Browser Nodes to Filename

d.      Update Normal Properties

e.       Update Custom Properties


Select your main assembly and relax while Numbering App runs through all the models in your design and depending on your settings change the following features:


·         Browser nodes

·         Normal Autodesk® Inventor® properties

·         Custom Inventor properties

·         Copy file name to Description

·         Copy the file name to Part Number

·         Update the quantity (when you have a custom Inventor property)

·         Mass change the material of the parts

·         Number all (or specific) parts and assemblies with specific names or prefixes

o    Sequential

o    As Per Assembly Level


Download the free 30-day trial today!


Note:   This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Inventor must also be running for the app to work.

Próbaverzió leírása

The app will work for 30 days trial period.


Verzió 1.1.9, 2024. 02. 19.
[New] Initial public release

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