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Exporting drawings in DWG and PDF formats can be a long and complex job. There are tools that allow you to do these operations but having to prepare the documents in specific folders or making long selections.

iConvert takes away everything that is superfluous and useless by allowing you to make conversions with a simple click of the mouse.

iConvert is available when an assembly is active, from here simply click on the "Convert drawings" button showing the conversion window.

The simple and intuitive graphic interface allows you to immediately understand what to do to achieve the goal.

What makes iConvert very interesting is not only the export but all the possibilities it offers to have a job ready to be sent to customers/suppliers. In fact you can choose the export criteria of the drawings, the position and above all you can add the quantity of the various parts directly in the cartouche and/or in the name of the output file.

Thanks to this add-in, the days when you had to use different programs to search for drawings, collect them and then convert them, wasting time and information have gone.

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Versione, 18/02/2021
First release in Autodesk app store

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    DITEC Engineering | H2 S.r.l. | settembre 08, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Strumento fantastico che aiuta a risparmiare il tempo di conversione manuale delle tavole in dwg e pdf.

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