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Snappy Checker is an application that checks your project and presents a list of possible issues it has found. Snappy Checker is a very sophisticated application for Autodesk® Inventor®, its development is based on many years of practical experience and is a 'must have' for every Autodesk Inventor user.

This application checks the Project Model against the produced Drawings of the Project Model and vice versa in a matter of minutes. The only things this application doesn’t do is check if the drawings have been detailed correctly and if the information provided on the drawings is accurate, other than that everything else is covered.

The following is checked by Snappy Checker:
- Sick Constraints
- Generated Flat Pattern
- Flat Pattern Reference
- Flat Pattern on Drawing
- Part Name filled out(*)
- Items with Generic Material
- Description filled out(*)
- Design Status filled out(*)
- Revision filled out(*)
- Quantity filled out(*)
- Double Items in Drawing File(s)
- Drawing Numbers filled out(*)
- Empty Sheets found
- Drawing Border present
- Title Block present
- Revision Table present(*)
- Sheet Excluded from printing
- Sheet Excluded from Count
- Redundant Items in Drawings
- Number of Views
- Detached Dimensions
- Detached Hole Notes
- Detached Chamfer Notes
- Overwritten Dimensions
- Overwritten Hole Notes
- Overwritten Chamfer Notes
- Missing Parts List
- Redundant Parts List
- Overwritten Values Parts List
- Missing Balloons
- Drawing Number Check(*)
- Revision in Drawing Number(*)
- Quantity Check(*)
- Missing Drawing Details  
(*) = optional

Snappy Checker will present a list with possible issues. Items such as Library Parts, Content Center Parts, Purchased Items can be excluded from checking and isolation options are available such as Drawings Details, Double Items, Drawing Numbers and many more. Assembly, Parts or Drawing related issues can also be isolated and they will be presented in different colours.

This application will eliminate a lot of trouble and comes with a fully featured 30 day trial.

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