2D & 3D Spline Generator

2D & 3D Spline Generator



Unlock the Power of Precision Design with this plugin for Autodesk® Inventor®.

Our innovative plugin empowers you to effortlessly generate multiple 2D and 3D splines by extracting precise point data from single or multiple Excel sheets.

Key Features:

Excel Data Integration: Seamlessly import data from Excel spreadsheets, making it easier than ever to harness your existing information for spline creation.

Spline Generation: Effortlessly craft intricate 2D and 3D splines with just a few clicks, saving you valuable time and effort.

Data Flexibility: Work with single or multiple Excel sheets, giving you the flexibility to manage complex datasets.

Precision Design: Achieve the highest level of design accuracy by leveraging extracted data to create splines that meet your exact specifications.

Boost Productivity: Streamline your design process and boost productivity with this time-saving tool.

Whether you're an engineering professional or a design enthusiast, our Inventor 3D Plugin is your key to unlocking precision and efficiency in spline creation. Try it today and elevate your Inventor 3D experience!


Note  This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

체험판 설명

This version of the tool is available for 1 month. If you would like to purchase the tool please contact apps@unoteams.com.

이 버전 정보

버전 3.1.0, 2024-04-25
This application can now differentiate between the layers involved in the spline generation

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