Export Utility

Export Utility




  • Export data to multiple file types simultaneously
  • Export dependent files of the active assembly or drawing file without opening them
  • Export flat patterns to all available file types
  • Include native files on export
  • Zip all files on export
  • Add revision extension to filename
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버전 1.0, 2016-06-09
Initial Release

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  • Great app
    Danijel Radenkovic | 10월 15, 2016

    This utility is awesome! You have saved our lives. Thank you very much for this app. Adding an checkbox "export directory = project directory" will be very helpful. Regards Danijel

    Ben Doucette (게시자) | 10월 17, 2016

    Happy to hear you are enjoying the Export Utility! Your suggestion will be considered for the next release of the app! Thank you, d-cad Support

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