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In the part environment, with one click, you can move the 'End of Part' marker backward or forward in the feature list (model browser).


You can also move the 'End of Part' marker directly to the top, or directly to the end.


With the animate button, you can animate the movement of the 'End of Part' marker in Autodesk® Inventor®.


See the video demonstration: http://youtu.be/Dr7nb3Ni8NU

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이 버전 정보

버전 4.0.0, 2016-04-12

Release for Autodesk® Inventor® 2014 and 2015.


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  • Inventor 2016
    Jerry Berns | 4월 21, 2017 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Worked well in Inventor 2016 and 2015. Any plans to support 2017 and 2018?

  • Inventor 2016
    Danijel Radenkovic | 2월 28, 2016 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    This tool is perfect on Inventor 2015 but is it working also on Inventor 2016?

    Marcel Wassenaar | 3월 03, 2016

    I couldn't get it too work, unfortanally. It was handy at some times.

  • Very good
    Róka Zoltán | 5월 13, 2013 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Thank you

  • Very good
    Anusak Phetcharoensuk | 10월 28, 2012 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Thank you

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