Batch Program

Batch Program

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When working in an assembly, oftentimes it is beneficial to be able to perform actions on all the related components of that assembly. This is the heart of 'Batch Program'. By selecting an assembly, you can run batch operations on any of the sub-components that are found within the assembly - even derived components. This includes printing off all the drawings for an assembly, exporting the drawings as PDF's, automatically creating flat pattern DXF's, or changing iProperties en mass.


The system is designed to be customizable to your layout.


  • Open/close all the related drawings/models in an assembly.
  • Scale your pages to match your printer's capabilities and print all drawings with one click.
  • Edit the revision table of all related drawings, customize the table to match your display preferences.
  • Automatically create flat pattern parts and export.
  • Automatically change between alpha/numeric revision tables when you go from design to production.


There is also included a number of useful experimental features such as:


  • Rename - Create copies or rename all the components of an assembly along with the respective drawings.
  • Export Spreadsheet - Create a spreadsheet of all the components and sort them into purchased items, saw-cut items and flat patterns.
  • Create Drawings - Automatically create base drawings for all the components of an assembly.
  • Create Reference Table - Create a reference to any parent assembly that a part is used in.


Batch Program is designed for the designer and is always improving. Suggestion boards and bug reporting is available through the help menu.

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버전 3.0.1990.21033, 2021-04-27
Initial release.

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