3D Model-Inspector Basic

3D Model-Inspector Basic

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3D Model-Inspector is a scalable Autodesk® Inventor® tool that makes it easier and faster to check the model and structure of

  • Inventor-Parts (IPT)
  • Inventor-Assemblies (IAM)
  • Inventor-Drawings (IDW / DWG)


Specific Cad Standards and Model requirements can be defined in individual Check Configurations (e.g. for different Model types, customers, departments, or projects).
The suitable Check Configuration can be selected and referenced at the beginning of a model check.
During the check 3D, Model-Inspector recognizes and localizes all deviations from the specified Check configuration in the Inventor model.
The check results can be visualized in the Check Dialogue and -on demand- in a detailed Report. Thereby mismatches can be fixed easy and straight forward. 


3D Model-Inspector is available in several Program versions:

  • A freeware Basic app (integrated Inventor Add-In with limited functionality) for checking the current Inventor model, using simple Check configurations including a handful of representative Check Options.
    3D Model-Inspector Basic is designed as a free trial to get an idea of working with 3D Model-Inspector AddIn and to demonstrate Inventor users how easy a "One-Click" Model-check could be.
  • A scalable Addin (integrated Inventor Addin with extended functionality), designed for quick and comprehensive check of the current Inventor model, with an optional check of all associated substructures.
    The integrated ConfigWizard enables the specification of individual Check configurations, based on numerous, scalable Check Options.
  • A Standalone Version (for Inventor "remote control"), designed for comfortable and automatic Check of multiple files or entire Project folders.
  • Additionally, an optional Data Management-Extension for the Addin and Standalone-version with a direct link to Autodesk Vault supports the Approval and Release of examined Inventor-Models and enables automatic Model-Check via Job Server.


The current scope of Check Options of Basic App:

  • Check if all sketches are fully constrained
    (available for IPT, IAM)
  • Check for elements behind the End-Of-Part-Marker in the Browser
    (available for IPT, IAM)
  • Check of filled iProperties in parts, assemblies, and drawings, optional comparison with default data
    (available for IPT, IAM, IDW/DWG)
  • Check of first part fixed in assembly
    (available for IAM)
  • Check for inconsistent or redundant assembly constraints
    (available for IAM)


A current datasheet describing all Check Options and additional information about the extended functionality of the AddIn- and StandAlone-version can be found in the 'Download-Area' at www.3dmodel-inspector.com


Benefits of 3D Model-Inspector:

  • Enormous time-savings by avoidance of extensive, manual Model Checks
  • Ensures consistent standards when working in Construction teams
  • Significant improvement of Data quality
  • Decrease of expensive reworking by early detection of error sources
  • Secure and controlled Data exchange with Providers and Suppliers
  • Quality Management support by automatically generated Check Reports
  • Assistance in workflows for Approval and Release in EDM/PDM-Systems

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버전 2021.1, 2020-09-02
Updated Release of free 3D Model-Inspector Basic App - can also be used with Autodesk® Inventor® 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018.

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