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Snappy PDF is a very nifty application for Autodesk® Inventor® users who are spending quite some time renaming drawing sheets and creating single PDF files of drawing sheets. Snappy PDF can cut the time spent of renaming drawings sheets and creating PDF files by at least 90%. If you are renaming and printing PDF files sheet by sheet, you should REALLY be considering trying Snappy PDF today; it is seriously a huge time saver.


Snappy PDF works with all Autodesk Inventor versions from 2013 and above and can print single PDF files of all selected sheets or print a single PDF file of all selected drawings sheets.


The way Snappy PDF works:
1. You open a drawing file
2. You select the drawing sheets you want the PDF file of or all sheets with 1 click
3. Choose whether you want a single PDF file or separated PDF files of the selected sheets
4. Select or create a folder where the PDF files will be saved to
5. Generate the PDF files
6. Done!

Renaming drawing sheets.
There are 2 options available, Option 1 - Rename sheets and update the iProperties (Perfect for multiple items on sheets):
1. Type in a drawing number prefix
2. Select a numbering system
3. (Optional) Provide a Revision
4. Rename the Sheets of the Drawing File
5. (Optional) Select an iProperty from the dropdown list to Update (Save Setting is available) or type a Custom iProperty to Update (Save Setting is available)
6. Click 'Sheet Name to iProperty' and all parts and assemblies of that drawing file will have the sheet name filled out with the drawing number without the provided revision.

Option 2 - Selected iProperty to be used as sheet name (Perfect for single items on sheets):
1. Select an iProperty (let's say Part Number') from the dropdown list (Save Setting is available)
2. Click 'iProperty to Sheet Name' and all the drawing sheets will be renamed to that Part Number

This application comes with a fully featured 30 days trial.

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