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Toolbox is a suite of additional commands for Autodesk® Inventor® which you can use within different environments.


Commands available with all environments:


- Isolation, highlight and reset behaviour of browser nodes: you can highlight or isolate nodes of a specific type (All fillets, holes, and workplanes etc.) and then reset the browser behaviour.

- Open explorer at document position: by right-clicking a document node (occurrence, assembly, etc.) you can open file system explorer at document position.

- Auto save: while you are modeling, this function will auto save the modified files. You can specify an interval for autosave and, as well, check which are the candidate files for autosave.

- Most used commands: Toolbox will check the commands you use the most and it will then propose these commands at the right-click of a mouse.


Commands available with Assembly environment


- Occurrences Parameter edit. You can modify parameters of each occurrence at assembly level. A clear window will display the assembly structure and all of the exported occurrences parameters. When parameters are displayed you can modify their value and see the impact of this modification on the assembly. No need to open each single occurrence to export parameters. You can do it from within this command.

- Manage occurrences objects visibility. You can switch on or off the visibility of occurrences objects. Sketches, Workfeatures and Surfaces of all occurrences will be switched on or off by clicking a button.

- Mass control. You can see the mass of a full assembly or of sub-assemblies or of a single occurrence. The results will be displayed through a clear table or through a Chart.


Commands available with Part environment


- X-Ray: You can dynamically section a 3D and/or create a 2D sketch with a section of a 3D part at a specific point. Move the mouse on top of a part and you will see the "X-Ray" of the part at that point.

- Caliper: Thickness calculation. You can dynamically calculate the thickness of a 3D part at a specific point. The thickness is calculated along the surface normal direction at a specific point while you are moving the mouse on top of a 3D part.

- MWT: Minimum wall thickness calculation. This command checks whether a particular minimum thickness was observed during modeling. Rays in X or Y or Z direction are placed at a specified interval and then thickness along these rays is calculated to check if a minimum thickness has been respected. The results will be displayed by using a table (numerical result) and graphical elements inside Inventor graphics area.

- Select by appearance: Selects a group of faces of the same appearance. Select a face with a MODIFIED appearance and all the concatenated faces with the same appearance will be selected. 

- Advanced edges selection: By this command you can select concatenated edges on a face. You can select 2 edges and, if a face common to these two edges is found, all concatenated edges will be selected. You can, as well, select an edge and one face. If a face with a single loop is selected, then the entire loop is automatically selected.

- Show/hide Inventor objects: By this command you can quickly switch the visibility of several types of Inventor objects by selecting an object and use the mini-toolbar command. So, you do not need to right click and search for "visibility command" and then click on it. Select an object and click on visibility icon that will be displayed close to the mouse position.


Commands available with Sheet metal environment


- Flat viewer: By this command you can quickly analyze the flat pattern of a sheetmetal part. You do not need to switch between the 3D environment and the flat pattern environment to see the flat pattern. Launch this command and you will see the flat pattern along with the 3D part. All bends will be displayed and by a table, text, and graphical objects inside Inventor graphical area.

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    Pascal David | 5월 02, 2018 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Great tool, hope to see very soon version 2019 :) 

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