Tick Tool - Basic 2021

Tick Tool - Basic 2021



Tick Tool - Basic


Save time by speeding up your construction and reducing mistakes with Tick Tool Basic.

Fill in iProperties more quickly, generate DXF and PDF files on save, autogenerate part numbers after a specific scheme, and create good looking pictures of your Autodesk® Inventor® model.


iProperties - Quick completion of information for the title block

  • iProperties are filled in from the centrally located menu in the Inventor browser.
  • Easily customizable menu for displaying the necessary iProperties.
  • Possibility of switching views for different customers or projects.
  • Opportunity to fill in iProperties directly from Excel, ERP, or another database source.



  • Fast creation of DXF and PDF files for production
  • DXF cutting files for production are generated by clicking on the Sheet Metal tab or by saving.
  • A PDF copy of the work is generated via the button on the Place Views tab when saving.


Number Generator

The number generator always ensures the correct part number and Tick Tool allows for the use of different number series 

on file types, customers, etc.

  • Easy setup of number generator in Excel.
  • Possibility of adding a prefix or suffix on each number series.
  • Ability to create a project and customer-specific number series.
  • Possibility to retrieve the next available number from ERP, SQL, etc. by web service.
  • Also for frame generator, tubes and pipes, and other multibody solids.



Create customized and good-looking screenshots of your Inventor model with predefined values like background color and resolution.

  • Custom define the resolution of the screenshot in the settings
  • Define the background of the screenshot in the settings (e.g. transparent, one color or color gradient)
  • Create several screenshot profiles with hotkeys


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

체험판 설명

30 days trial version of Tick Tool Basic.

This trial version of Tick Tool Basic has the same, full functionality as the paid version.

Supports Autodesk® Inventor® 2021.

Contact Tick Cad for additional information and prices for the full version. 

E-mail: tickcad@tickcad.dk

Phone:  + 45 72 118 184

이 버전 정보

버전 3.2.70, 2021-09-13
Compatible with Autodesk® Inventor® 2021.

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  • Great Tool
    Peter Schmidt Nielsen | 1월 30, 2021

    I use Tick Tool Basic everyday, best tool ever!

    Jason Renaud | 9월 08, 2022

    what's your main function with it?

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