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Are you using Autodesk® Inventor® ? You want to share models with others? You want to embed models in web pages?.


You can achieve this using Sketchfab and Autodesk® Inventor®ToSketchfab Plugin. Sketchfab is a web service for rendering, sharing and embedding 3D files in real-time without any plug-in on browser. Using Autodesk® Inventor®ToSketchfab makes it easier to publish your models directly from Autodesk Inventor environment to Sketchfab without leaving Autodesk Inventor environment.

Autodesk® Inventor®ToSketchfab supports exporting 3D model, packaging, and uploading to Sketchfab.


Supported Features :

1. Supports both part and assembly models.

2. Supports color including face color as well.

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버전, 2018-06-04

Usability enhancement and internal bug fixes. Inventor 2019 support

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