Large assemblies that contain lots of constraints can take a while to load. This is due to the fact that every single constraint is recalculated while opening (if the dialog was answered with "Yes"). It's independent whether the constraint was changed or not.


The loading time can be shortened by suppressing constraints (that are not expected to change) and by grounding the related parts.


The Add-in "AssemblyFix" offers an automated locking and unlocking with the click on a button.


If constraints are affected by overrides of positional representations, they can be ignored by selecting the appropriate option to maintain the function of the positional representation (only parts which are affected directly).


For optimal integration in your workflow, the option button of AssemblyFix is placed in the "Assemble"-menu.

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버전 1.2, 2016-04-12

- Inventor 2016 support added

- Price changed to "Free"

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