iChords - Rev Table Fast Filler

iChords - Rev Table Fast Filler

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iChords - Rev Table Fast Filler can insert, update, revise up or reset revision tables in dozens of opened drawings automatically.



  • update existing revision items
  • revise up
  • reset revision tables

Option - Drawings:

  • current sheet
  • current drawing
  • all opened drawings

Option - Scope:

  • existing
  • sheet
  • drawing

Option - Misc

  • index type - letter or number
  • revision table location
  • revision style

Last settings (options) will be saved to minimise repetition input.

이 버전 정보

버전 1.1.0, 2022-08-09
Option added to create/modify a revision table on the first sheet of a multi-sheet drawing only and the revision tables on the rest sheets will be deleted.

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