iBOM Export BOM to Excel / Word with images & more

iBOM Export BOM to Excel / Word with images & more



The ‘iBOM App’ exports the Bill of Materials (BOM) data with Images / Thumbnails for each item listed in the active assembly file (.iam) opened using the Autodesk® Inventor® software. The BOM data can be exported to Microsoft® Excel® or Word® files.


The exported BOM data includes an image, part number, quantity, cost and the option to include any ‘iProperties’ fields including ‘Custom iProperties’.


One further option named ‘Labour Cost Calculations’ has been included, which lets the user enter an hourly rate along with the number of hours and minutes it has taken to build the active assembly, the app then calculates the labour cost and adds the information to the exported file thus providing the following cost breakdown: -


  • Individual part/sub-assembly cost
  • Individual line item cost
  • Total parts/sub-assemblies cost
  • Hourly labour rate
  • Total assembly labour cost
  • Total assembly cost (Parts and labour)


The BOM can currently be exported in two different ways ‘Structured’, which lists all the parts and sub-assemblies which make up the active assembly, or ‘Parts only’, which lists all parts which make up the active assembly (Includes all the parts in sub-assemblies).


The iBOM app provides the user with a BOM creation status window, which allows the user to know when the iBOM application is processing the BOM data and when the BOM file has been successfully created.


The IBOM app automatically saves the exported BOM to the same file path as the active assembly file and opens the file so the user can view the exported data.


The images are embedded into the Excel/Word file allowing the user to send the exported file via email without having to send images as attachments.


All calculations are done in the exported Excel/Word file so adjustments to the calculations can easily be made without having to export BOM data again. This allows users to make changes to the calculations without having to have access to Inventor or iBOM App software.


The file containing the exported BOM data is time and date stamped.


iBOM Application Notes: -

  • The app will automatically open/run the Inventor software if the software isn’t currently running and close the Inventor if the user closes the iBOM App, unless the Inventor had been manually opened by the user.


  • To successfully create an exported BOM file the Inventor must be running with an assembly file (.iam) open and active. If you are using Autodesk® Vault® then make sure all files used in the assembly file are ‘Checked Out’.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

이 버전 정보

버전 5.1.1, 2021-07-07
Users can now export 'Materials' iProperty data for each part and can save the exported BOM file to a location of their choice.

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  • iBOM is not integrated with Inventor!
    John Weiss | 4월 25, 2016 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    This is an unusual app. I downloaded and went to install on the user's computer by opening the setup.exe file. Turns out the setup.exe file is not a setup file, but the actual application. Most polished apps that I've purchased are integrated into Inventor. This is not and is a stand alone app. Now that I have run the setup.exe from a network location I'm unable to run the application from the local machine. This all needs to be clear to the potential customer. It does export to Excel and Word like advertised.

  • Ne fonctionne pas !
    Alain Mangeol | 2월 05, 2016

    L'application IBom ne fonctionne pas avec une version Inventor 2016 French !!! J'ai informé l'éditeur et nous avons essayé avec le language English, là elle fontionne... L'éditeur devait m'envoyer une version corrigée pour qu'elle puisse fontionner mais je n'ai jamais eu de réponse... Pas sérieux cet Editeur. 25€ à la poubelle. Je vais me diriger chez d'autre concurrents...

    Steven Lowe (게시자) | 2월 12, 2016

    The iBOM App does work with Inventor 2016 (French language). An earlier version of the app did have a problem with the French language, which you reported and in my reply email to you I said I would create a new version so it works correctly with the French language, which I did and has been available to download from the Autodesk App Store since September 2015.

  • Brilliant
    Carol Connors | 8월 21, 2015 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    This is a great tool. No muss no fuss just getting the info you need without wasting time. Love it. Bravo.

  • iBOM
    Engenharia Metalsull | 6월 08, 2015

    Necessito de quantidade agrupada de cada item de uma montagem. É possível isso com este app?

    Steven Lowe (게시자) | 6월 09, 2015

    The iBOM App calculates the individual and total cost for each line item in the BOM as long as you have entered the item cost (Estimated Cost) in the iProperties form for each part. The iBOM App also calculates the total cost of the assembly. If you check the 'Enable Labour Cost Calculations' checkbox and enter your labour cost and add the time that the assembly took build the iBOM will also calculate the total labour cost. The iBOM App will then display the total cost of the assembly, Hope this information is useful.

    Engenharia Metalsull | 6월 10, 2015

    I don't need the total cost of the assembly. I need the total of each parts and subassemblies are in the final assembly.

    Steven Lowe (게시자) | 6월 10, 2015

    Yes the iBOM App shows the cost for each part and assembly and also calculates the total cost for each part and sub-assembly used to build the final (parent) assembly. If you send an email to the support email address sljklowe@gmail.com we will send you some examples for you to review.

  • Astonishingly good
    Barry Ashcroft | 5월 08, 2015

    I wanted some way to cost a job and pass on a spreadsheet for buying parts. spot on with images too. the inventor internal BOM export is very weak

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