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If you’re a civil engineer looking for a way to create geometric models of pipe networks quickly, easily and with minimal hassle, look no further than infraWizard. infraWizard is an affordable and highly intuitive Autodesk® AutoCAD®/Autodesk® Civil 3D® add-in designed to bridge the gaps in the process of infrastructure design. Using infraWizard, you can accomplish the following tasks:

  • Create simple pipe networks from AutoCAD entities or by importing data from external sources in the format of text files, Shapefiles, EPANET, and SWMM files.
  • Use plan styles to format network plans and add annotations to pipes and nodes.
  • Create well formatted longitudinal profiles for pressure and gravity lines. You can use the auto-detect feature to create a batch of profiles that may contain hundreds of them in one go.
  • Utilize Civil 3D surfaces to plot the existing ground and finished ground lines together on longitudinal profiles.
  • Get instant crossing points to check between pipes and see crossing annotations on plan indicating the vertical clearance. You can control which crossing annotations to be displayed by selecting network combinations and defining the critical clearance value.
  • Edit the properties of network elements using single element properties, or using Group Edit tables.
  • Export BIM models of networks in the form of 3D AutoCAD elements with all associated data which can be then imported to Autodesk® Navisworks®.
  • Export complete data of the networks to Shapefiles that can be re-imported into Civil 3D pipe networks to enjoy the more advanced features available in Civil 3D pipe networks.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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The trial version of infraWizard will be automatically activated at the first use and will remain active for 90 days. It provides the full functionality of the App with a limitation on the project size of maximum 500 pipes per project.

The trial version can be used for the commercial production of engineering design projects.

You can obtain a FREE 500-Pipes license valid for one year at infraWizard's online store. The more advanced "1000-Pipes" and "Unlimited" licenses are available for purchase at the online store as well.

A propos de cette version

Version 21.1.1, 01/02/2022
Updates in version 21.1.1: New features: 1- In BIM Export, a new option is added to enable conversion of infraWizard newtorks into Civil 3D pipe networks. The option draws pipe centerlines as 3D Polylines in the exported model. The 3D Polylines are classified by layers according to the network name and pipe size. The user can so create Civil 3D pipe networks from these 3D polylines keeping the coordianted pipe levels. 2- In the "Create Pipes" dialog, new options are added to allow selecting the material and size of the new pipes; and to make the elevations (Z values) of the Line and Polyline entities assigned to the new pipes as Invert level, Center level, or Soffit level. 3- A new command called "INWEXPORTANNOATTBLOCK" is added. This command will export the annotations of all pipes and nodes of the selected network as attribute block entities to a new drawing. Fixed bugs: 1- The ribbon tab of infraWizard is automatically activated when opening AutoCAD even if the drawing is not an infraWizard project. 2- When a plan style is modified to show the pipe annotations of "Soil cover depth" or "Depth to invert" on plan, the shown values of annotations are incorrectly calculated based on zero ground level. 3- In longitudinal profiles, when the profile datum is predefined, some manholes encroach the top border of the graph area. 4- In longitudinal profiles, when one pipe is connected to two nodes that appear on the same profile, this lateral pipe is shown at one of the two nodes only and the profile datum takes a very low elevation value. 5- When importing networks from text files, the importing process will fail if one of the text files contains empty lines. 6- When exporting a BIM model for a network with backdrop connections, some of the pipes with backdrop are not drawn correctly and cause an error message to appear. 7- When exporting a BIM model for a box section conduit that have a wall thickness equal to zero, the conduit appears missing the right outer wall. 8- While creating a longitudinal profile, after selecting a route using on-screen selection of elements, the resulting route will have a direction opposite to the selection of elements made on-screen. 9- When the display status of a pressure network is changed from "Undisplayed" to "Displayed", the marks of its low & high points become visible even though they are set to be hidden in the settings of low & high points analysis. 10- In random cases, renaming a network using the "Manage Networks" panel causes AutoCAD to crash. 11- When a network is renamed using the "Manage Networks" panel, the existing crossing annotations in the drawing are not updated with the new network name. 12- The node annotations in plan are sometimes located away from the node. 13- In the Pipe Library, when editing the dimensions of a box section, changing the wall thickness or slab thickness to zero value is not allowed, although it is allowed when adding a new size.

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  • InfraWizard Support Team
    Mohamed Hany | mai 19, 2022 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    Autodesk has a very helpful InfraWizard Support Team. My model problem was solved successfully by the quick response, I appreciate it. 

    Manesh Puthiyedath | mars 07, 2022