Facial Animation Toolset 2016

Facial Animation Toolset 2016




The Facial Animation Toolset provides a comprehensive foundation for the fast and efficient creation of facial animation rigs. Numerous Animation, VFX and Game projects have used the tools for the creation of believable digital characters.

The Toolset provides support for the current Autodesk® Maya® versions along with increased performance, stability and a high quality example character that demonstrates the impressive rigging and animation capabilities of the tools. The Adaptable Facial Setup as core component is now tightly integrated into the new Maya GUI capabilities. Geometry Matcher and Corrective Blendshape Manager have undergone a major performance and stability increase. The Conditional Blend Weighted Node allows more complex blending of animation parameters. Furthermore a stand-alone application for Motion Capture data analysis: Performance Solver has been added - based on the Filmakademie Application Framework: Frapper.

Scientific tests with Autistic and typical developing children have proven that digital characters created with Filmakademie’s Toolset are emotionally as believable as real actors. For further information refer to the pilot study "Categorical Perception of Emotional Facial Expressions in Video Clips with Natural and Artificial Actors". The results of this study build the basis for project SARA.

Version 2016 of the Toolset is currently available for windows only.
Autodesk Maya 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 are supported.

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Version 2016, 25.05.2016

Initial release to store.

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