Mesh Info

Mesh Info

Win32 and 64, English

Robert Joosten
Query a Mesh volume, with or without construction history.

General Usage Instructions

With the Mesh Info node it will be is easy to keep track of a deformed object's volume and surface area. This can be very useful when trying to keep a consistent volume for example muscles. The app will register a new command for you to query the volume of a mesh. This can be done in world and local space using the worldSpace argument

python; cmds.polyVolume()
mel: polyVolume;

If the keep constructionHistory argument is used, instead of the volume it will return the name of a meshInfo node, that will update as you deform the mesh. In addition to the volume you will also be able to query the total surface area of all the faces, in world and local space. (note: on poly heavy meshes it this node will slow down the scene)

The mesh info node can also be created without the command:






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