KeyShot 2023 Autodesk® Maya® Plugin

KeyShot 2023 Autodesk® Maya® Plugin

Win64, English

Luxion, Inc
A plugin for integration between Autodesk® Maya® and KeyShot 3D rendering and animation software.

General Usage Instructions


  • Send scene to KeyShot
  • Send changes to KeyShot
  • Export scene to file


KeyShot integration settings:

Animation options:

Either export a specific frame, the current frame selected, or Export to KeyShot animations (default).

Note: KeyShot only supports rigid transforms, so exporting a specific frame is well suited to deformable meshes, etc.

Curve options:

  • Set the radius modifier and toggle KeyShot's curve smoothing option.

NURBS options:

  • Toggle which NURBS data to transfer to KeyShot.
  • Note: Not transferring the tessellation data can provide a speedup for NURBS heavy scenes, but does require NURBS rendering in KeyShot





  1. After downloading, double-click .exe installation file. Follow the prompts and click Finish/Close.
  2. Open or Re-launch Maya. A KeyShot tab will appear on the Maya shelf.
  3. Go to Main Menu, Windows, Settings/Preferences, Plug-in Manager. Scroll to the end to find KeyShot.mll and select AutoLoad so that the plugin will load whenever you start Maya.



  • Run the script in the /Users/Shared/Autodesk/ApplicationAddins/KeyShotPlugin/Contents/scripts/ folder with admin privileges.

Additional Information


  • Parts retain materials and layers
  • Objects retain material names
  • Support for hair (curves)
  • LiveLinking (update model inside KeyShot)
  • Support for part and camera animations*
  • Export of rigged and deformable animations*

*Requires KeyShot Pro



  • Maya 2023
  • KeyShot 2023
  • Windows 64-bit

Known Issues

It is best to uninstall any previous versions first as it may cause some conflicts.


Company Name: Luxion, Inc
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

Luxion, Inc

Support Information

Support is available at or via

Support over the phone is available at (949) 274-8871 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm M-F.

Version History

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First KS2023 plugin
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