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Character rigging toolkit

General Usage Instructions

The key functionality of AdvancedSkeleton is to:
From a simple joint-chain (FitSkeleton), generate a complex motion system (AdvancedSkeleton)



For Windows and MacOS, simply double-click on the MSI file for Windows, or the PKG for MacOS to install the app. For Linux, extract the .sh into your home directory and execute the .sh from a terminal window. We do recommend to install as SuperUser if you want the App to be available to all users - otherwise, the App will be installed for the running user. Windows only: To uninstall this plug-in, simply rerun the installer by downloading it again from Autodek App Store, and select the 'Uninstall' button, or you can uninstall it from 'Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features' (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) or Add/Remove Programs, just as you would uninstall any other application from your system. The panel on the Plug-ins tab will not be removed until Maya is restarted. OSX: To uninstall this plug-in, simply delete the module directory from your system. The panel on the Plug-ins tab will not be removed until Maya is restarted.

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Company Name: AnimationStudios
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Version History

Version Number Version Description


- Added Export section with GameEngine export functions - AutoLipSync now includes example voice file - Face-Build speed improments on dense mesh models - Added Enable Mp3 to AutoLipSync - Added ConvertToBlendShape: squint - Added ConvertToBlendShape: fleshyEye - Added ConvertToBlendShape: blink - Added ConvertToBlendShape: ctrlMouth - ModelCleaner now preserves custom normals - Inbetween joints now works with Scale - Mid IK Spine flips when RootX_M.ry is 180, fix - Extract BlendShapeTarget moves onFace controls, fix - Slider-joints now moves propotional to character scale - Animation Blending Option now automatically turned On - Scale-Controls now uses local curve pivot


- NameMatcher Tool added to "Tools" section - Faster playback of FaceSetup - TwistFlip option added to Selector/Picker under Anim menu - QuickIK added to Selector/Picker under Anim menu - Display>Brightness added to Picker - New IKSpine (also new IK tail/neck, etc) - IK-Spline Mid controls can now be rotated - Unreal-skeleton now works with custom joints - closeAutoShape attribute added to eyeLid controls - SmileBulge SDK incorrect translateZ value, fix - inbetween->untwister untwists more correctly - EyeLid weighting improved - Selector/Picker updated to match new face-setup - Selector/picker Mirror function on new face bug, fix - if vtx count on lipOuter edgeloop not match lipMain error, fix - Mocap HipSwinger_M.stabilize now at 10 by default - Improved behavior for lip-ctrl rotations - RootX_M.legLock now also locks tails from spine motion - AutoTwist & ExtraTwist attributes on IK ctrls now working - IK "followEnd" attribute, changed to "followChild" - Tail only rig, to follow RootX, fix - Attach beard, mustache added to EyeBrow section - EyeLashes not correctly weighted in some Layers, fix - Non-uniform scaling of SpineIK controls axis-mixed, fix - Left shoulder polyBox inverted normals, fix - Iris weighing bug fix


- Muscular section added - Cluster-Controls section added - AutoTwist & ExtraTwist attributes added under "Extra Attributes"


- Elbow & Knee Bendy controls improved behaviour - FKIK Switching now also works with Spines & Tails - Spine changed, FKRoot_M can now translate - SwapCurve now adds new curve to AllSet - Added HipSwinger label. - Main.scale with Bendy-joints bug fix - IKLocal>localOrient mirror bug fixed - Chained SpineIKs bug fix - FKIK switch of Spine on referenced rig, bugfix


- Pupils section added for pupil & iris controls - SkinLoops deformation improvements - FaceSetup with IK-neck, bug fix - "Extra" checkBox added to Selector - MirrorPose-footRoll bug fix - Pre & Post Rebuild-script option added - Zipper-lips improvements - Finger-spread edit-DrivingSystem bug fix - EyeBrow WireDeform fix - Face-Selector Pose-copy warning fix


- Fixed FKRoot rotation bug. - Fixed ShapeNode selection of controls bug. - Fixed Layered-DrivingSystems reBuild bug.


- DeltaMush deformer updated, now supports weighting.
- Sample rigs now included.
- FitMode Auto-Orient now aims at first child, at joint branches.
- EyeLid push-out attributes added.
- NewBlendShapes-section added.
- Stabilize attribute added to HipSwinger
- Improved Squash`n`Stretch on limbs
- Face-Fit now topology-independent
- Face-setup improvements


- EndJoints removed from DeformSet
- Quick-Selection-Sets now works with Re-Build
- Face-Build bug fixes
- Face-Selector bug fixes


- New & improved FaceSetup

- Selector-gui on Mac bug fix

- WalkDesigner bug fix

- DeltaMush deformer added. (Plugin by: Webber Huang)

The plugin works for Maya2012,2013,2014 & 2015, Win,Osx & Linux

(maya2016 have DeltaMush built-in )

- Hipswinger now works with "inbetween" joints.

- FKIK switcher bug fix

- Left fingerCurl default values fixed

- Optimized faceBuild process

- Improved 3boneIK behaviour for quadrupeds

- InbetweenJoints now have `unTwister` option

- various fixes and improvements


Major version update


- Added FaceSetup Geometry Checks
- Default Jaw pivot now higher
- Added "Extract All BlendShapes" in FaceSetup
- SkinLoops now works on multiple objects
- FKIK objects excluded as CorrectiveDrivers
- Various fixes to Corrective Shapes
- CorrectiveShapes for twist-rotations fixed
- RollToesEnd control now on ground plane
- FaceSetup now works on models with non-zero transform.
- Added separate upper/lower eyeLid controls
- Added teeth controllers
- Added Optimize section


- Fixed `eyelid twitch` issue.
- Added "keepTweakedBlendShapes"
- Added "symmetry test" to FaceSetup
- Added Eye-Aim


- Various FaceSetup improvements
- New SelectorDesigner


- Left finger-cup issue fixed
- EyeSquint added
- Various FaceSetup improvements


- FootSide2Side with scaled characters fixed
- Referenced model now have "model" nameSpace
- `Cup` added to Fingers.
- IK2 controls, now called FKInIK controls
- Hand/Feet better isolated from limb stretching
- Scapula upVector now match Shoulder
- LegAim no longer affects FK
- New Deformation method (option4)
- All new, easier to use FaceSetup


- IK2, for non-T-posed models
- parent limb to head fixed (e.g add ears)
- foot side2side rock added
- improved FKIK blending with bendy limbs


AdvancedSkeleton4 are quite different from the AdvancedSkeleton4 series,

Some of the key differences are presented here:

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