Bulge fix for dual quaternion skinning (paid)

Bulge fix for dual quaternion skinning (paid)

Win64, English

Quick fix of Dual Quaternion Skinning that bulge around joints.

General Usage Instructions

Select a mesh in bind pose, then go to the Bulge_fix_dqs shelf, and click on the 2nd icon to create a node deformer:

In the attribute editor, you can change the "envelope" or turn on the "Live skin weights update", the latter allows you to edit skin weights when a Bfix_bulgeFixDeformer node already exists (slower). Changes to mesh shape, joint numbers, or hierarchy will require you to erase and recreate the Bfix_bulgeFixDeformer node.

The 3rd icon allows you to paint areas where you apply the bulge fix.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description

Create deformer

Select the mesh in bind pose, clicking the icon will create a deformer node. Alternatively you can use the command: Bfix_nodeHandler -create "mesh_name"

Paint area to fix

After creating the node deformer, select a mesh and click this icon to paint where the deformer is applied. Alternatively you can call the mel procedure ArtPaintAttrTool();


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Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: RogueCG
Support Contact: support@roguecg.pro

Author/Company Information


Support Information

Should you need help, we are here to answer any questions at support@roguecg.pro
(Subject: [Bulge fix DQS])

Version History

Version Number Version Description


1.0.2 - Maya 2023 release - License bug fix: * fix: after file loading and user successfully activated the license BFix nodes data was not properly restored. * fix: on file loading license activation would be always requested regardless if the license was already activated.


- Autodesk® Maya® 2022 release - Re-wording some UI element to (hopefully) make it clearer to the user. (especially warning related to file saving/loading - Improved license UI (adding deregistration feature)


Initial release.
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