3DBrowser Pro R15

3DBrowser Pro R15

Win32 and 64, English

3DBrowser Pro is a must for viewing, editing and organizing your 3D assets (Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Maya®, FBX, Collada, GLTF, OBJ...). and create thumbnail previews for Windows Explorer

General Usage Instructions

3DBrowser includes 30 days full trial period.

3DBrowser contains a lot of features.
You will find the complete help file at https://www.mootools.com/plugins/help/3dbrowser/index.htm





In order to install 3DBrowser :

Run Setup.exe.

Check 3DBrowser application and optionaly 3ds Max or Maya plugin support

Enter your 3ds Max or Maya folder accordingly to the version you had selected in the previous step.

Run the application   

To uninstall this plug-in, click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features (Windows 10) and uninstall as you would any other application from your system.

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Mootools
Support Contact: techsupport@mootools.com

Author/Company Information


Support Information

Mootools provides full technical support for its products.
You can get access to support at https://www.mootools.com/en/support/technical_support

Version History

Version Number Version Description


3DBrowser main window - New UI design - Add a new viewer feature to open several viewers easily, for comparing 3d files for example - Larger directory address bar - Improved file extension association - Improved Drag & Drop file support - Dozens of minor improvements, bug fixes and stability issues 3D Viewer - New UI design - New rotation tool - Note features to attach specific note and point of view to meshes - Section cut view - Matcap, Normal map, vignetting, mirror display mode - Grid display - 3D features operate on the selection and not on the whole scene as before - GLTF import/export file support - Blender import file support - Sketchup 2021. Support image entities. Affine texture import by default - Many improvements on 3d import and export file support - Simplified 3d exportation dialog - Advanced name filtering on the hierarchy - Advanced contextual menu in the object tree panel for an easier selection - Mesh information dialog is now modeless Polygon Cruncher - Cf. 3D Viewer - MagicCruncher includes UltraMode for each similarity mode (nearly similar, similar, very similar). This gives better results when the object dimension is narrow. - MagicCruncher option operates on the selection or the whole scene. - Hidden meshes are displayed in italic. - Right contextual menu improved in the tree menu. Image viewer - New UI design with simplified access to most common features.


Version 14.15 Improvements 3D support - New OpenGL viewer with improved performances and faster reactivity for huge meshes. - 3ds Max 2019 plugin support - Maya 2019 plugin support - Sketchup 2019 file support. 3D viewer improvements - LWO: file are read faster - Wavefront files are readed faster. - Faster triangulation - Object scene tree panel is filled faster - Better handling of relative texture paths when exporting 3d scenes. Application improvements - Merge by Materials now works with Sketchup files (when face have different front / back face materials) Polygon Cruncher improvements - MagicCruncher is now x8 time faster.


Version 13.15 Improvements 3D support - 3ds Max 2018 plugin support - 3ds Max plugin : vray material support (textures are exported) - 3ds max plugin : now exporting node matrix instead of global coordinates (this fix potential problem in face orientation) - Fbx, Collada, Sketchup, Cinema 4D: now reading camera information. * (numeric pad key) allows to switches from one camera to the other. - Fbx, Collada: now export camera. - Fbx: embedded textures folders are now removed when closing 3D viewer. - Fbx: embedded textures are now correctly reembedded after optimization. - Lwo: faster loading for files with UVs. - Lwo, C4D, Lxo, Collada: multithread access support. - Sketchup: better instanciation of meshes and material support. - Weld points command is now really more faster. - Lightwave file now support clipping channel. - Merge File to Scene feature to add the file content to the current viewed scene. - Merge Folders to Scene feature: merge a set of files and open them in the current viewer. - Disconnect into separate parts features: create different meshes based on unconnected faces of a single mesh. - FBX 2017 support. - Sketchup 2016 support. 3D viewer improvements - Arrow keys now allow to rotate around the scene. - Ctrl+Left arrow and Ctrl+Right arrow move from one file to the other. - Camera: can add camera and switch from one point of view to the other. - It's now possible to remove mesh from the scene graph. - STL import does not perform points welding any more. - Advanced mesh checking at import, which avoid some crashes under particular circumstances. Application improvements - New interface panels which can be set anywhere you want. - Faster thumbnail computation (use of the different computer cores). - Improved thumbnail view (faster display, double buffer display to avoid flickering). - Improved folder path field to retrieve quickly the most used folders. - New Masked folder mode which allows to hide the folder you never use in the folder tree. - Compact view display has been tuned and file information is now displayed quickly in this mode. - More thumbnail size transition when using Ctrl++ and Ctrl+- functions. - Alt+xxx key combination can be now used to add specific characters in information fields. - Keyboard shortcuts improvements: Ctrl+D adds a bookmark, F4 allows to change the current directory... - A tool icon is now displayed for the current thumbnail to notify specific option for the file. Polygon Cruncher improvements - It is now possible to adjust individually the level of details for each mesh of the scene. - New interface that makes easier the mesh selection, material selection, or the optimization on a point selection. - New optimisation mode that take care of the mesh corners, useful particularly for architectural scene. - MagicCruncher feature which adjust automatically the optimal optimization level for each object in the scene. - Ultra fast optimization on multi core computers (parallel algorithm). - Algorithm improvements leading to better results (more compact faces, better handling of planar faces, less destructive constraints...) - Better handling of the required point or face number. - Camera support for an easier control of the optimization on specific part of the scene. - New features related to object selection and show/hide features which simplifies optimization level adjustement on each object. - New features for deleting a specific mesh, deconnecting mesh into separated elements. - Improvement for displaying optimization constraints or hidding area which are left unoptimized. - Batch optimization improvements including all the new optimization features and particularly MagicCruncher which allows automatic simplification. - Command line improvements, including all the new optimization
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