Scene Tools

Scene Tools

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The script provides tools with the following features:

        - CharlieWales' File Browser (non-modal file browser)

        - Custom Open Scene Dialog ( thumbnails, playblast, scene note display

            and referencing/importing options )

        - Reload Current/Last Opened Scene

        - Save Scene As... (avoids having to open the sometimes sluggish

            Maya File Dialog)

        - Export All/Selected... custom dialog

        - Save Scene Version

        - Current Scene Info Window

        - Scene Thumbnails and Scene Note creation ( you can choose where to

            store them. Relative to the current project root or relative to

            the opened scene file path )

        - Scene Info HUDS

        - Create Shot Camera at persp position

        - Playblast/Shot Window ( timeline popupMenu (RMB), window popupMenu (control+LMB),

            if shotCamera exists it is used in the viewport by default )

        - Create Scene Playblast

        - View Scene Playblast

        - Custom Reference File Editor (many features and remote editing,

            commandPort 7777 must be available)

        - Channel/Node Control ( lock / hide attributes, lock objects)

        - Filter/Select Node Types

        - Playback Options

        - Setup Render Resolution

        - Setup Working Units (Space, Time)

        - Reload Scene Textures

        - ChannelBox Scene Tools Buttons (doesn't work if you already have

            your own buttons)    

        - Preferences saved in optionVars

        - Autoload script at startup setup


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Version 2.3.5, 9/29/2016
Date: September 17, 2016 - Maya 2017 Support - UI Tweaks

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  • Very, Very Useful...
    Tyrone Smith | November 09, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I haven't had a chance to good through all the tools but the few that I have used are very, very useful... being able to save screen shots and notes with your scene files makes life with Maya much much better...

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