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Autodesk® Backburner™  can be used with Autodesk products such as, Maya, 3ds Max, Flame, Flare, Flame Assist or Lustre to manage your render jobs and render nodes while network rendering. Autodesk® Backburner™  is a background rendering network system that allows animation scenes to be rendered by many computers working collectively on the same network.

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Version 2018, 4/20/2017
New Version.

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  • runs like a champ
    Carol Deak | January 24, 2017

    Took a little bit to find, but the mac tar.gz unpacked perfectly with archive utility and unarchiver for me.

  • 3ds max
    Paulo Casa Nova | October 10, 2016

    not having the "no task metadata found" error

  • Corrupt file
    August Wiklund | September 27, 2016

    This zip-file doesn´t work!!!

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