Polygon Cruncher for Maya

Polygon Cruncher for Maya


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Polygon Cruncher reduces the number of polygons of your objects without changing their appearance. You keep all details even at high optimization ratio. You also keep texture information, vertex colors, user defined normals. You protect object borders, material boundaries, UVs seams... You can optimize taking care of the symmetry of your objects.

Polygon Cruncher for Autodesk® Maya® includes 3 different modules:

An mll plugin which allows real time optimization in the Maya viewers.
Select one or more polygonal nodes then type PolyCrunch in the mel script editor.
A Polygon Cruncher node is added and connected to the selected meshes and become part of the Maya 3D flow.

A batch process module for generating different LODs from your Maya 3D assets.

An external application for optimizing your 3D assets that come from various file formats (sketchup, wavefront, stl, lightwave...). This module also includes batch processing.

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About This Version

Version 10.85, 5/25/2016
Improvements 3D - Fbx: nurbs entities are now supported (converted to polygonal mesh) - Fbx: Autodesk Revit materials are now handled. These materials are correctly assigned to the objects, which make easier material edition in a third party software. Revit material properties are set to default values as Revit encrypt these information. Anyway, in save update mode, which is available after optimizing a revit scene in the export dialog, all revit materials are kept with their properties. - Fbx exports in version FBX 2014 format (not 2016) in order to make it compatible with older tool. - Sketchup: Sketchup 2016 is now supported. Fixes 3D - Fbx: mesh positions are bad for FBX files that come from Maya files. - Fbx : update saving mode loses material assignation.

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