Camera Projection Toolkit for Maya

Camera Projection Toolkit for Maya




The Glyph Software Camera Projection Toolkit for Maya (gs_cptk) is a suite of tools that makes it easy to camera map textures with multi-projection setups.


gs_cptk includes custom Mental Ray shaders and a custom OpenGL viewport implementation to manage and blend multiple camera projections in Maya. A user interface contains all the features of the toolkit, providing users with a unifed camera projection workflow.


Using the toolkit, camera projections can be layered, masked, and blended together using render-time rules, including:


• distance threshold (how far the texture is allowed to project)


• facing ratio (whether the projection is allowed to project onto the back side of geometry)


• raytraced shadow occlusion (determines if a texture is allowed to project onto surfaces that are unseen by the camera)


• custom painted mattes


The OpenGL implementation of the toolkit makes it easy for users to manipulate objects with realtime updating of high-resolution textures, and layering of up to 7 projections simultaneously.  Viewport gamma shifting is also supported for artists working with textures in a linear color pipeline.


Available on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux

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Version 8.6.12, 5/25/2016

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