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FaceConenct is a plugin that connects Motion Capture data with face rigs in Maya. Its production has been tested on a number of titles including Coldplay's Adventure of a Lifetime music video. It's designed to allow the user to work on large volumes of Motion Capture data in a quick and simple workflow.
This trial version is fully functional but limits the amount of FaceConnect expression nodes to 15. This should be enough to test the workflow and see your face rig move. For more information on prices and how to unlock the full version please email sales@faceconnect.co.uk
FaceConnect enables the user to make associations between pairs of markers and animatable channels on a head rig. A 'Lips Pucker' expression could look at the corner lips makers, as the distance between them gets shorter, the 'Lips Pucker' blendshape or bone pose would be driven. As the distance becomes greater the 'Mouth Wide' pose would be driven. FaceConnect supports four different distance expressions, x, y and z axis as well as a vector distance.
FaceConnect also features a rotation based expression. This works by drawing a vector between two given markers in this case the 'lStab' and 'Jaw' markers. The user then chooses a local rotation axis to calculate a rotation value. The angle of this vector changes over the time of the animation, this change in rotation is then normalized and the output is connected to either a bone rotation or a blendshape value.
FaceConnect can be used across multiple datasets and supports the ability to save out templates to be used on other characters and performers.

Note:  This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Version 1.0.6, 4/12/2016
Added the ability to update the calibration if a marker falls off your performer.

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