MARUI v2.0 Advanced License

MARUI v2.0 Advanced License




Creating VR games or 3D content? Your Autodesk® Maya® pipeline can now be seamlessly integrated into VR.
Just put on your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and see your Maya scene in VR - no export required, all changes visible in real-time.

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Version 2.0.9, 4/5/2018
New features in v2.0.9: - Added "HotKeys": basically a simplified programmable shelf - Added basic support for MASSLESS pen - Added NumPad keyboard that automatically opens when the user clicks in a numeric field - Added preview for polygon modeling tools - Improved functioning of the basic tools (move/rotate/scale) and added handle highlighting - HotBox now includes check-boxes and option buttons - Added directional handles to the OmniTool and fixed problems with non-uniform scale - Improved the QuadDraw tool selection algorithm - Backface culling added to the options

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