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Rig Studio

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Rig Studio is a modular rigging system with active rig adjustments. This tool helps you to make any types of rigs.

Modules is a core and philosophy of this rigging system. They can be easily added to rig and connect in any combination. Modules are not only arm, foot, tail, etc.. but many variations of them. For example, you can choose the needed module of a foot for your character. Now it has more than thirty modules which will be growing up.

In RS, a module is not a simple script. In the main, module is a simple Autodesk® Maya® scene. It means the user can easily edit it, but it is better to make your own. Create a new module from a simple template or duplicate existing module and edit it.

Also, you can get additional advanced modules, which will be available soon. One of the main missions is to make modules for every task. Right now, you can use internal RS modules for building a rig of humanoid, quadruped or characters with any count of modules connected in any combinations.

Another main feature of the tool is using real-time adjustment. After building a rig, you can easily correct the placement of all joints. That gives you the ability to match the build of the rig to any similar character. Without RS, without rebuilding, in realtime even in animation you can correct rig proportions.

RS uses templates everywhere. Modules and even full rigs can be saved as a template, and later can be created by a single button.

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Version 1.0.5, 9/11/2018
Fixed autoAnkle attribute behavior in limbQuadrupped module After deleting full rig, main window reopens instead closing. Changed start command.

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