WaxLab 3D v1 - Sculpting Plugin for Maya

WaxLab 3D v1 - Sculpting Plugin for Maya




Created out of a desire to integrate professional sculpting tools within the Autodesk® Maya® Environment,  WaxLab 3d combines the organic feel of sculpting with the depth of Maya software modeling, rigging and animation tools, increasing your creative potential.


Familiar Toolset

Written with the Maya C++ API for efficiency, WaxLab provides familiar tools and features found in dedicated sculpting packages. Such tools like extrude, bulge, smooth, pinch, grab, and flatten; such features like masking, stenciling, reflections, adjustable falloff curve and tablet support, are all included. WaxLab also introduces distance and time based envelopes, a smear brush and a new deformer called GeoLink, which links meshes of different densities together, reflecting changes downward. Waxlab provides you with the flexibility to customize your tool set, with many editable parameters that can be stored into presets and linked to hotkeys. This way you can continue working the way you want to within the Maya environment.


No Topology or UV Requirements

Waxlab provides the ability to sculpt any polygonal shape with no specific topology or UV requirements, which gives the artist freedom to experiment with ideas without the technical constraints. Use any shape you like, even booleaned meshes, to start with and then sculpt to add definition and detail, subdividing the areas when more detail is required. You can use Geo-Link to create subdivided versions of your model, then see your changes propagate to all linked meshes in real-time.



Use the stencil to overlay images of mountain ranges, scales, veins, bark, etc… From there you can extrude, grab or bulge the stencil’s image onto your sculpture, with no uv requirements. For more information, see the Features page or User Guide.


To purchase a license or for more information, please visit  www.sigrasoft.com

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About This Version

Version 1.0040, 5/25/2016

WaxLab 3d v1.0040 (build date: 07-14-2014)


  • First Official Mac OSX Release

  • Contains all fixes from Windows version plus a number of small changes to be reflected back. 

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  • love it
    craig glatt | December 10, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    trying it in a student project, fantastic

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