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This App is for creating rig on 4 Wheel Cars as realistic view and automatically.

If you want to have a good rig for your TVC or VFX shots you need this tool.


You can see how it works here:




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Version 1.1.3, 8/5/2015

Added support for 2016 version.

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  • very limited and basically useless car rig DONT BUY
    | February 02, 2016 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This 'rig' is a big disappointment. It is so limited in its functions that it turns out to be completely useless in any serious production environment. - The Installation is NOT as shown in the video just copy some files to the script folder, instead its an .msi installer and therefore requires admin rights to run properly. Not so great for a restricted environment where the user is not allowed to install anything (but is well allowed to copy scripts in a users folder) But the main complaint is with the extremely limited functionallity of the resulting rig: The wheel rotation will only work with the car being animated EXACTLY along the Z Axis!! No turning possible! (or the whhels will stop spinning or rotate backwards) WTF?! thats so simply I can do it myself -not what i spend my money for. Path animation kinda works But again Wheel rotation is only working along the Z Axis. Terrain following is a mes too. Not only cant You combine path animation with terrain following, but as soon as the elevation of the ground is a bit higher (or lower) than the wheels radius the rig is literally falling apart with the body flying and the Wheels ripped off in all directions. So, as long as you're going to animate a car driving exactly along the Z axis on a Ground exactly on the XZ Plane and with only small bumps, the rig work kinda fine. But thats about all it can do. NOT WORTH A DIME! Actually I think it is a kind of a Fraud. I contacted the Author and explained my expectations and issues and kindly asked for a (even partial) refund but did not received an answer yet (2 Weeks now). I was blinded by the 'official' look of the Autodesk App Store and somehow hoped the scripts offered here would follow some kind of quality standard - but obviously there is no such thing as a quality control. I wont buy again from this site anytime soon.

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