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McKap is a simple and powerful motion capture editing system, designed to integrate mocap into any studio’s workflow.

It allows you to connect mocap files to your characters, adjust or change the poses to get that perfect framing, or even add completely new keyframe animated segments to the motion capture animation.

With McKap you are able to keep the whole mocap workflow in Autodesk® Maya® environment. Mocap editing is done with a standard control rig, without baked curves or the need for extra animation layers.
Any mocap file can be quickly connected to the rig through the McKap interface and your standard keyframe rig gets driven by the mocap. Rig controls remain free for you to animate on top of the mocap animation. Additionally, each individual control can be set to follow the mocap fully, or not at all, or anywhere in between.

The McKap system has two major components, the McKap rig, and the motion capture connecting interface.

The first component is the auto-rig feature. It creates a humanoid rig, with built-in features ready for motion capture editing. Much like any auto-rig system, there is a pre-rig stage, and a rigging stage.
In the pre-rig stage, you can set the joint positions for your character.
In the rig stage, you can create the McKap rig, which is simple, fast, and easily customizable, with clearly designated components such as skin joints.

The motion capture connecting interface is when the fun begins. You can import a mocap file, and with just a few clicks in the McKap interface, connect it to your rig.
The rest is up to your imagination.

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Verzió 1.0, 2022. 03. 17.
Initial version.

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