3DBrowser Pro R16

3DBrowser Pro R16

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3DBrowser Pro is an application dedicated to the management and optimization of your 3D content. It includes a 3D viewer, a 3D decimator, an image viewer linked to a powerful file explorer. Thanks to its agility and efficiency, 3DBrowser can be integrated into very different production pipelines: architecture, video games, scientific data, 3D printing, etc.

Fast and efficient, it allows you to organize your 3D model libraries with the help of large customizable preview thumbnails. You can display, filter, sort, organize, search among your 3D scenes and images in order to find the exact model you need in few seconds.

To make it easier to organize large 3D collections, you can document, annotate, categorize all your content to find them on your computer or local network.

3D file conversion, optimization of polygonal meshes, normal baking and batch processing enable the diffusion and sharing of your 3D content.
3DBrowser facilitates interoperability between different 3D software. It will perfectly fit into a production pipeline including, for example, Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Autodesk® Maya® or Sketchup in conjunction with Unreal Engine or Unity.


3DBrowser recognizes most image formats and many 3D formats:

  • Fbx (Autodesk FBX)


  • Blender

  • Skp (Sketchup)

  • C4d (Cinema 4D)

  • 3ds (3D Studio)

  • Obj (Wavefront)

  • Max (3DS Max using the provided plugin)

  • Xsi (Softimage using Crosswalk)

  • Dae (Collada)

  • Mb, Ma (Maya using the provided plugin)

  • Stl (Stereolithography)

  • Lwo, Lws (Lightwave)

  • Lxo (Modo)

  • And also Dxf, Kmz, Ply, Wrl, Vrml, A3d (Amapi), Cob (Truespace)…


Visualize in detail all your digital models 

3DBrowser integrates a powerful 3D viewer: the motorway to the heart of the 3D content of a scene. You'll never get lost in your 3D view and find the ideal angle to check every detail. With an intuitive navigation tool, you will be able to inspect a complex model very easily: targeted zoom, orbital rotation around an object, instant re-centering, provides very effective navigation.

Complex scenes are sometimes compounded of several thousand objects. It becomes a nightmare to find your way around the tree structure. A quick filtering tool, offering logical operators, makes it easy to navigate through complex hierarchies and to show or hide particular objects in a flash.

The viewer works in conjunction with the file explorer (of both 3DBrowser and Windows). You have a global or case-by-case control on the preview thumbnails shown when browsing folders. You can thus define a specific viewpoint and a particular display mode for a single 3D file, a whole directory, or a given 3D format.

3DBrowser comes with annotation features that facilitate information sharing, especially for project follow-ups. Annotate objects in the 3D view using the right angle of view and make your projects run more smoothly. Annotations are visible in all versions of 3DBrowser.

3DBrowser includes advanced functions to prepare your 3D assets. It includes advanced functions to pack them in the best way: mesh optimization, object merging, object reorganization by material, separation of objects that are not topologically connected, etc.


Simplify your scenes and bake normals with Polygon Cruncher 

Polygon Cruncher reduces the number of faces of your objects while maintaining the quality of their details. You also keep the textures of the object as well as the color information of the vertices.

By viewing the scene as it is optimized, you can choose the level of optimization that fits your needs.

Once you have determined the level of simplification you want, generate the normal maps so that the simplified object gives the illusion that it still has all its detail.
With a minimum of manipulation your object and its normal maps are ready to be used in production or can be exported for the web, in GLB format with integrated textures.

It is possible to batch optimize scenes contained in a directory and automatically reduce them to different levels of detail.

Polygon Cruncher's MagicCruncher function automatically determines the ideal optimization level for each object in a scene. You don't have to do anything, everything is then automatic.



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Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

이 버전 정보

버전 16.00, 2023-07-05
V16.00 3DBrowser - New: 64-bit zips support - New: zips decompression feature - Improved opening menu with 3DBrowser in Windows 11 3D - New: create normal map feature - New: generate normals feature - New: UV mapping visualization function - New: edit node transformations - New: pivot edition and reset XForm - New: improved non-modal material editor - New: airplane mode to move in the scene - New: ability to define a pivot point for rotation in orbit mode - Improvement: render mode and extras displays improved menus - Improvement: occlusion culling for point and face indexes - FBX / GLTF: support for PBR materials - GLTF: better control over map export format - Sketchup: options to merge components or groups on import - Sketchup keep instances when exporting - Sketchup export of cameras - Blender support new compression format - VRML: support of unicode names - Lighwave: various fixes - 3ds Max 2024 Plugin - Maya 2024 exchange plugin - Use Sketchup 2023 SDK Polygon Cruncher - New: create a normal map function directly plugged in Polygon Cruncher - MagicCruncher: improved optimization speed when simplifying a single object (up to 6 times faster with 16 cores) - Polygon Cruncher includes all the improvements described in the 3D section

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