MARUI 4 - VR/AR UI - Free Trial

MARUI 4 - VR/AR UI - Free Trial



This is a free trial of MARUI for evaluation. Please request the license key at


MARUI is the ultimate VR/AR user interface for Autodesk® Maya®.

With MARUI, you can use Maya in VR - with any Oculus or SteamVR compatible device (including Rift, Quest, HTC Vive, Index, any Windows MR headset (HP, Dell, etc), Pimax, or Varjo).

Working in VR is much faster for many tasks such as modeling, animation, rigging, and lighting.

Unlike other VR design apps, you do not need export/import your work. MARUI is seamlessly integrated into Maya. All changes you make in VR are instantly applied to your Maya scene, and you have the power of the Maya modeling/animation toolset. Integrate VR into your workflow without having to change your production pipeline.


MARUI 3 includes a complete in-VR tutorial that teaches you how to navigate your scene in VR, making the adoption fast and simple.

Here is what our users say:

"MARUI brings to Maya the logical next step. Parallax galore to better judge the dimension of your actions." - André Ivankio of Okio

"As MARUI shakes its stick at the 3D world, no doubt the 3D world will wag along with it." Jeff Skinner, Freelancer

"What makes this tool absolutely essential is being able to move naturally in the 3D environment. This makes the work of 3D so intuitive that it is then very difficult to return to a screen with keyboard and mouse." Eric Lamure, Freelancer


Key Features:

- Maya display fidelity in VR including DirectX shaders, lighting, cast shadows, screen-space ambient occlusion. What-you-see-is-what-you-get.
- Edit your Maya scene in real-time in VR with your VR controllers - fast and intuitive interaction.
- Support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, all Windows MR headsets, Pimax and Varjo-VR1.
- Programmable 3D Gestures and Voice Commands - make Maya follow your every hand motion and spoken command.
- An intuitive user interface that you can completely customize to suit your workflow.
- You can even use your other Maya plug-ins and scripts in VR.
- Leap-Motion support: use Maya in VR with your hands directly.
- Support for Ovrvision AR cameras: turn your office into an Augmented Reality work environment.
- Controller-Offset: work at eye-level while resting your hands in your lab. No need to hold your hands in mid-air. Ergonomic working.
- Cube-map environments: use your own cube map images as backgrounds for your VR work area.
- ... and many more...

This is a free one-week trial. For extended trials, please contact us at

체험판 설명

Full-feature trial version usable for 7 days.

To use the trial you must register at:

이 버전 정보

버전 v4.1.5, 2024-05-13
- Added Maya2025 support. - Added Quest3 support. - Fixed a bug in duplicating UI layout mappings. - Marui's icon images can now be used in custom widgets.

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