3D-printing exporter for Maya

3D-printing exporter for Maya

3DShook LTD



Engage in 3D printing directly from your professional toolset. 

View and adapt scale according to our 40+ printer index, and easily get a quote or a price evaluation on your model. 

Print with Shapeways, 3DHubs, Immaterialize and more, or just stream files directly to your computer.

Use our play zone tools to customize your model easily, clone, organize, scale and rotate your model to the desired results. 

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버전 0.1.0, 2016-05-25

View 30+ printer grids, scale and place your items easily and export obj ZIP files easily.

Click Print with 3dshook to get quotes from bureaus like Shapeways, Immaterialize, 3DHubs etc.

Download STL file directly from our online viewer, where you can play around with our playzone customizing features. 

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